A Comparison of Academic Self-Efficacy

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A Comparison of Academic Self-Efficacy

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The increase in urbanization and improved lifestyles in towns mean that there is an increase in the number of people that are moving to town. As a result, many children have been affected by the movement of their parents, especially in terms of their performances and self-efficacy. The main motivation for this research is the need to address the recent reduction in performances in the rural schools in China. There are numerous pieces of evidence that show a direct relationship between self-efficacy and the effect of the parents in academic performance. I also believe that the fact that the children have been left behind makes them perform below their potential. The methods used in this research include interviews and open end questionnaire. The results of this research show that here is the direct relationship between academic self-effcacy and the presence of the parents at home. A Comparison of Academic Self-Efficacy between Rural Left-Behind Children and Non-Left-Behind Children in China Those who live with their parents have higher academic self-efficacy that those that do not live with their parents. This research has several implications. It will act as the background and the start for more research on the similar topic. It will also act as an instigator to better ways of handling of the children. It will also help teachers know of the ways that can be used to handle the children who have been left behind. The study also adds to the wider knowledge of this issue about self-efficacy. Keywords: Academic…

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