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Abstracted Outline

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Abstracted Outline Name Institution Introduction Discusses the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy in a larger scale: in reference to the various conditions that have produced positive outcomes. A meta-analysis by Hofmann, Asnaani, Vonk, Sawyer, and Fang (2012) identified the various problems and presented an updated position about the efficacy of this treatment approach. The efficacy of CBT will be integrated into the conditions under study and the link to the background and statement of purpose. Advanced Organizer The literature review will focus on five pertinent areas. First, it will describe the model that governs the use of the cognitive behavioral model in the treatment of depression and dysthymia. Secondly, it will present research on the general effects of CBT and later review the different CBT modes that have been studies that their effects in light of the different mental health conditions. Understanding the current position on the effect of CBT on depression and dysthymia by reviewing existing systematic reviews and meta-analysis is the fourth goal of the literature review, and lastly, the section will include the limitations that will guide the systematic review. Body of the Review Guiding theoretical Framework Explaining the relationship between the cognitive model and depression. The components of a cognitive model (cognitive triad and cognitive distortions) will be related to depression. Applying cognitive therapy and its behavioral element to treat depression as discussed by Powell,…

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