Addiction and Personality Traits

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Addiction and Personality Traits

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Addiction Name Institution Addiction Abstract Addiction can be of many kinds while some of the most popular kinds include the addiction of substance. While many ways are used by therapists to treat addiction in patients, one of the ways suggested in literature is psychoanalysis. The method was suggested by Sigmund Freud and acts as a motivation for the patient to provide a whole new insight into the issue the patient is facing. This study will be focused to analyze the extent to which psychoanalysis can be helpful in overcoming any type of addiction. The paper will be a combination of primary and secondary data analysis where both will complement each other. Secondary data analysis will assist in exploring how other studies have supported the effectiveness of psychoanalysis and primary data collected through one-on-one semi-structured interviews with psychologists will provide a way to see how the method has practically been used to help patients overcome their addiction in a short and long-term. Introduction Addiction of any sort whether it is a substance or any other unhealthy type of addiction can make a person’s life utterly miserable. The compulsion to do something on a continuous loop can reduce a person’s social activism and make him bound of his addiction in a negative way. While psychologists suggest many ways to control addiction and overcome it once and for all, one of these ways include the idea of psychoanalysis presented by Sigmund Freud. Research Question The research question this study…

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