Advertising History in the world

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Advertising History in the world

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Advertising History in the world Name Institution Abstract Marketing is an important segment of business operations. Even the most successful businesses require an element of marketing. Advertising is one of the ways through which marketing us undertaken. Just like the emergence of business and trading, advertising traces a chronological timeline that dates back centuries ago. Historically, advertising began at around the same time when trading started. It was mainly undertaken through traditional methods that were more subliminal than strategic. Advertising grew to take different shapes and forms. Alongside this growth, the platforms on which advertisements were being relayed underwent a paradigm shift as well. The media is the most popular and effective advertisement platforms. Many people today resonate more appealingly with modern advertisements platforms. However, the basics of these platforms were laid during the growth and development of the media and advertising. The print media, radio, and television are notably the pioneering platforms of advertisements. Today, they still form essential platforms for advertisements. Advertising accounts significantly to the total GDP that is posted by most world economies. This has been achieved through the revenues and expenditures associated with advertisements. The dissociation from traditional forms of media has led to an increment in the revenues and expenditures in advertisements. With the growth of the media and the introduction of new marketing avenues, the…

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