Analysis of construction innovation in mega-projects in UAE

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Analysis of construction innovation in mega-projects in UAE

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Analysis of Construction Innovation in Mega projects Background While the industry of construction has immensely developed over the recent years, there has been increased pressure and challenges that force the stakeholders to take innovative measures and to convey an improved value for money for their clienteles. These demands include, but are not limited to: The usage of resources to be made highly efficient. Costs, both short-term and long-term, should be reduced. Adjustment towards environmental sustainability. Communication between each stakeholder in the design process. Cyclic demands Adversarial culture Specification changes Inappropriate risk allocation Poor quality Problems in management Inefficient construction methods The demands can either be met through solutions with knowledge that is already existent or by making or forging new methodologies. Nevertheless, there are particular traits of the industry that slow down the progress and increasingly make innovation difficult. This is due to the fact that the specific interplay of industry adaptation and technological change and development has traits that are exclusive to the construction of buildings (Valence, 2010, 1). Innovation entails both processes and products. The innovation of products alludes to the introduction of novel materials or/and apparatuses into the product that is constructed, which has been common in recent years. In contrast, the innovation of processes entails new structures in organizations, methods of management, as well as…

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