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Analyzing a Poem

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Love is Not All by Edna St Vincent Millay
Poems are created and narrated for a variety of purposes based on the poet’s objectives, based on the life experiences or fiction ideas. The poet uses numerous stylistic devices to convey the message effectively while sending the right message and reflections of the idea to the audience.
In Edna’s poem, Love is not all, the fascinating reflection of love in the life is well portrayed. It makes it interesting since love is one of the most controversial feelings and topic among many, hence applies directly to the daily lives. Moreover, the poet used various artistic styles that are attractive to the audience like rhythmic tools such as rhyme. Additionally, symbolism is used whereby love is metaphorically personified while describing the roles that it won’t be able to do in the lives of the individuals. For instance, love won’t clean the blood nor set a fractured bone (Poem Hunter, Np). The irony is also used to show the necessity of love despite it being a minor component of life, and some people even die for it.
The symbolic and thematic modes of poetry analysis would be the most effective due to the well-structured procedures alongside. Symbolic poetry analysis would be used to derive the various styles which create an image of the poet’s ideas in a clear way through the use of the imagery and symbolism. Thematic mode of analysis would be useful while analyzing this poem since the poet had used a clear plot that precisely reflected on the theme of love. The importance precautious indulging into love affairs has been shown in the poem since love is not the only critical necessity in the life of a person.
Poem Hunter. “Love Is Not All Poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poem Hunter.” 31 Jan. 2008, Accessed 8 June 2018.

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