Avant-garde Poetry Movement

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Avant-garde Poetry Movement

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name CourseDate Modernity and Poetic Upheavals in the National Hostorical Context of the different Corpus Studied Introduction The term modernity has been used to express different perspectives of life. It may be used to suggest that different practices, habits and views are inferior to those of the medieval or ancient times, or to create positive meaning ascribing the superiority of the views, habits and practices to the modern times. Both perspectives underscore the changes associated with modernity. Poetry, as an art form, has undergone massive changes in their contexts, forms, and styles, among others. It predates written text. For instance, the earliest form of poetry is believed to have been sung or recited. It was employed as a way of remembering genealogy, oral history and law. Ideally, there are changing dynamics in the world, such as people’s preferences, their way of life and their perspectives about life generally. Changes in poetry are aimed at conforming to these dynamics because art and literature are mirrors of society- they portray and demonstrate how people live and think. Artists are activists in their own right. Poetic changes are mainly influenced by their acts of activism against societal structures such as politics, culture and social norms. In this regard, the avant-garde, which are new ideas in poetry and literature, are experimented by poets to demonstrate the ideological changes that have to occur between medieval and contemporary society. Therefore,…

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