Biblical Perspectives in Special Education Assessment

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Biblical Perspectives in Special Education Assessment

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Biblical Perspectives in Special Education Assessment
Yes. Children with disabilities are sometimes slow when it comes to learn and some of them do not have the physical abilities needed in the world industries. Such students are sometimes seen as deficient who are not able to participate fully in school program. The biblical perspective looks at the disabilities and abilities of everybody as part of God’s creation (Özkan, 513). The bible encourages teachers to be spiritual and academic advocates of disabled students. In fact, these teachers are agents of change and therefore will empower and value students the way Jesus did in the New Testament. Therefore considering the biblical worldview will impact how you select assessments for students as you will focus more on assessments that uplift the self-worth and God-given strengths and gifts of the students, without paying attention to their disabilities.
A teacher in special education is an advocate for the child. According to Leviticus 19:14 ‘Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but fear your God. I am the Lord. For instance, a teacher can bless a child who has written his report well by telling them that God is happy with their work as well as their parents and hence the child will have a bright future and people will love him. On the other hand, a teacher can curse a child with a poorly written report by telling him that tomorrow he will do well because the past report has been done poorly.
The interpretation of the results of the assessments is determined by the values of the teacher (Özkan, 514). A patient teacher will not give up on students who have poorly done. The educator will give them hope and encourage them that they will improve. Subsequently, the teacher will not give up on the students and also continue uplifting those who have done well.

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