Chapter 4: Possibility of Change

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Chapter 4: Possibility of Change

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Possibility of Change Author’s name: Institutional affiliation: Introduction After the Second World War, the Japanese government sort to create an ethno racially homogeneous country. They therefore no longer recognized the ethnic Koreans as part of the Japanese nationality. This led to prejudice and discrimination against the Zainichi among other ethnicities as policies and laws were passed by the government to outcast the minority groups. In an attempt to fight back and liberate the people of Korean descent from Japanese discrimination, several organizations were established. The most influential ones were the Mindan and the Chongryun. The Japanese have further been known to treat ethnic minorities with prejudice and outright discrimination. This chapter provides an analysis of the developments of ethnic Korean organizations and the changing Japanese image of Zainichi and other minority groups. Zainichi Organizations in Japan The Zainichi currently have two main organizations in Japan. The first one is Pro-Pyongyang Zainichi Chōsenjin Sōurengōkai which stands for “the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.” It is also known as Chongryun. The second organization is pro-Seoul Zainihon Daikanminkoku Mindan which stands for “the Association of Koreans in Japan." It is also referred to as Mindan. The ultimate objective of the establishment of these organizations was unifying the Koreans. In the formation of both organizations, there was a split in allegiances between different peninsula regimes.…

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