Consumer Behaviour in Mobile Apps

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Consumer Behaviour in Mobile Apps

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Page 106-107: The developer’s experience in mobile applications and the user interface are plausible enough in maintaining the personalization options. With these options, customers are bound to experience excitement due to enjoying the features in these mobile apps (Davidson et al., 2014). Assuming a user is interested in wallpapers for their home screen and backgrounds, they will enjoy the installation of different apps that fulfill this feature. The flexibility of settings also makes it easier for developers to tweak their features and make it much easier for users to enjoy the app experiences. These customer preferences are also well-linked with the issues of privacy, whereby, users are capable of storing their details, and avoiding any form of data spread (Davidson et al., 2014). Sometimes users allow permissions to their devices, which share personal details with Facebook or Apple, thereby, placing themselves at risk of hackers (and non-confidentiality). Page 108: Seeing as there are both free and paid mobile applications in the Google and Apple Stores, users are more likely to settle on the former. They mostly pick the latter only when the apps offer them phenomenal experiences, which cannot be achieved via free apps. Factually, the mobile app industry is not known to remain stagnant (or standard). Therefore, consumers may also constantly shift their choices and only settle for the most functional apps. Any of the issues within the apps should be handled to ensure there is no room for competitors as…

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