Creative and Practical Intelligence

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Creative and Practical Intelligence

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Creative and Practical Intelligence Student's Name Institution Date Creative and Practical Intelligence Creative Intelligence Sternberg (2012) maintains that creative intelligence contributes to innovation, enhanced problem solving and discovery of novel ideas that contribute to skill and knowledge development. According to Sternberg and Lubart (1995), creative intelligence is defined as having the ability to see problems differently, in a more innovative approach than other people would. The Investment Theory of Creativity as put forth by Sternberg and Lunart (1991) holds that creativity is a decision to a great extent; such that one buys low and sells high regarding ideas. This means that by investing in ideas that are initially thought to be meaningless, creative people can then sell high once these ideas gain acceptance. Creative intelligence is related to giftedness and hence must be encouraged for giftedness to be fostered (Cropley, 2006; Sternberg, 2012). E.P Torrance and J.P Guilford who are considered major influencers in the field of creative thinking provide that creativity is instrumental in promoting effective problem solving (Sternberg, 2002). The two have developed creativity tests for assessing creativity qualities and abilities; which mostly form the basis for modern creativity assessments. Guilford developed the concept of divergent thinking and convergent thinking through his theory of creativity, noting that envisioning diverse solutions to problems is at the centre of creativity. While…

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