Destination Management Functions in Tourism

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Destination Management Functions in Tourism

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Destination Management Functions in Tourism Executive summary The business tourism sector is one of the most tremendously expanding business sectors in the tourism industry. This expanding sector is also known as MICE in some countries as it involves meetings, various incentives, different conferences as well as exhibitions. Cities around the globe rely heavily on the infrastructural investment that is used to support development in the business tourism industry. This ensures that there is sustained growth as many businesses use destination management to provide leadership bureaus. Various organizations also promote leisure travel that can be used to understand the requirements in tourism development. Business tourism is also known as business travel and is more limited than conventional tourism. During business travels, people are working and are also getting paid while they are on vacations or away from their workplaces. This thesis proposal will use a qualitative research method with other multi-method approaches to investigate the roles and functions of various destination management organizations (DMOs). The tests will analyze their tasks as they develop tourist destinations. This will also include an understanding of multiple challenges that are faced in different destinations. Data collection procedure will be done through interviews and samples from eight major DMOs that exist at different levels in America. Different strategic documents and contents on the website are also providing a primary data source to be…

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