Discuss this image reflecting on the way the media portray cultural diversity

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Discuss this image reflecting on the way the media portray cultural diversity

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Media and Cultural Diversity in Australia
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Australia is a very diverse country with around 27 percent of residents being born in oversee. The media acts to portray the image of the society. Culture is a crucial factor in shaping our lifestyles and preferences. Some key areas that culture influences are our dress code, and the way we view and react to our body images. Based on the picture, the advertisement is selective to well fit bodies by advertising on aerobic clothes for both men and women. This will influence the way people view their body image and the appropriate clothes that fit their bodies.
The Way the Media Portrays Cultural Diversity Through Dress Code and Body Images
Based on the picture, the media has tried to show a preference for a certain dress code that respects all the diverse groups by showing neutrality in their place in fashion and body images. The media does not want to offend any of the group since they depend on the whole society. Also, they have associated the dress code with physical fitness that is paramount to all groups due to proper physical health. The media could be discriminatory is they single out some dress code associated with a particular group and ignoring the rest of the groups. In Australia, discrimination is against the law if a person is biased based on any social group ranging from religion, culture among others.
Talking of body images, there is a rise from 20.4 percent in 2012 to 26.5 percent in 2015 of people recognizing body images requiring national mental health concern (KRISNEEPAIBOON, 2016). Many young people above 48 percent in Australia have high body images concerns across the groups. The actual view of the media on cultural differences is by trying to cut across all the groups by looking into what is in common in all the groups. It is evident that about half of the youths in individual cultural group recognizes a right body image and dress code. The media accepts the same and puts fashion advertisement that suit all the groups.
KRISNEEPAIBOON, N. (2016). The role of mobile telephony in multicultural Australia: A case study of Thai, Hmong and Rohingya communities (Doctoral dissertation, Griffith University, Australia).

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