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How can leadership skills in the Hospitality industry increase employee retention?
The matters regarding leadership involve certain ethics and values that need to be integrated into the system of the organization for the well-being of the environment. The influence that the administration will have on a particular organization is to direct a given scenario and create a functioning system that will enable prosperity of the organization. The interaction that the leaders will have with the workers will define the modality and the prosperity of the organization. There are many factors that leaders will also integrate into the system of the organization to enable the motivation of workers.
There are specific responsibilities that leadership plays in an organization to foster the prosperity of the company. The quality of the leadership that will be delivered in a particular system will enable the organization to create a specific module that will push for the prosperity of the company (Shapiro, et al. 5).
As a matter of fact, there are several facts that leadership entails in an organization. This includes the mobilization of the resources and creating coherence in the system to marks a better influence of the whole process. The evolution of mankind has been marked by several steps of leadership in the organization. The hierarchy of the organization has been created in a particular species of the living sorts. Many factors of leadership define the process and the progress I the community (Shapiro, et al. 25).
When did you first become aware of your topic/issue? Please expound in the answer with examples.
The critical factor in creating leadership in an organization is to enable excellent productivity and also to mark a certain level of job satisfaction in an organization. I learn the concept of leadership in my first year of study there are certain areas that leaders play in an organization. This regards to the efficiency and perfection of the matters regarding the management of the organization. A good leader will always ensure that there is an excellent model of the system that enables the workers to share their ideas and boost the level of innovation in the company (Shapiro, et al. 20).
Did you learn about it first hand? Through news outlets? Through film or fiction? Through conversation with others?
I have learned about leadership through interaction with friends. College provides a good environment for leadership. I discovered that leadership plays an important role in the success of the company. The concern of the leadership is to create a better understanding of the matters of the system and the managerial issues of the organization. There is a need for a possible leader for the employees to create a better avenue for their career. The primary purpose of the chosen leader within an organization is to inspire the workers and also boost the level of the goal gaining plans of the organization. The leader may also take the responsibility of consulting with the subordinate and obtain the reliable information that will help in the decision making of the organization. This will in the long run help in the implementation of the critical factors that will help the company attain its goals within the time-frame (Shapiro, et al. 7).
Can you remember other details about when and where you gained this awareness?
The colleagues were discussing how some companies in the world have expanded. Employee retention was the main topic of discussion.
The best form of leadership is sharing the problems with subordinates and getting the right inputs regarding skills that will place the organization at the vantage position of the system. The involvement of the subordinate into the system is an ordinary matter which also influences the decision making of the leaders in the organization. Aside to that particular path, leaders also reserve their right as the decision makers of the organization. The leader also discusses the problem with the subordinate and tries all means to reach the consensus with the intention of making the goals of the organization successful. The leaders who have the excellent experience and skills in the various field also help others perfect their mode of operation in an organization. This is termed as the best way of leading an organization (Shapiro, et al. 22).
As concisely as you can, explain why you think the issue is important.
The topic is important because the team of employees who are set in a position that will not find it easier to operate or that does not match their strength will not stay for longer in an organization. Expectations that the employee meets play an essential role in the determination of whether a particular employee is much satisfied at the position that he or she is playing in an organization. There is a specific range of expectation that the employee has on joining a particular firm.
The factor that will determine whether the employee will stay longer in an organization is the management and the current state of affairs that has been erected to motivate the employee in an organization. This includes bonus, the working hours of the employee and even the holidays. If an employee is quite dissatisfied at the operations of the management in an organization, the move will eventually affect the productivity of the firm, and it will not be easy for the firm to realize the set agendas within their time frame (Shapiro, et al. 24). Few firms seem to appreciate the importance of the employees through the moves that they are making with the management team.
Are there specific life events that demonstrated the importance of the issue to you?
The subject of occupational mobility made me understand that the topic was very important
Some of the management picks employee who is skilled in a specific level and promote them, but based on their level of skills, and they find themselves trying to deliver at that position since they do not have the skills needed to rule the system probably. The job of the employee that is mismatch makes some of the employees to leave the company and find themselves a better position elsewhere where they can operate efficiently and comfortably. Another factor that will set the employee at the point of leaving the company is the culture that has been integrated. Not all the employees find themselves suiting the new cultures set by the firm (Shapiro, et al. 17).
Do you remember specific conversations you have had with friends, family, or others about the issue? Summarize them or write them down in as much detail as possible.
We had a discussion on emerging issues in the business sector. We found out that some of the workplaces have set their policies to remain dynamic in the scene of their operation. This is what has made most of them change their cultures every single day, and some of the workers will not find it fit to cope with the situation. There is a need to put employees among the team who are deciding for the company to allow them to place ahead of their views regarding the changes that need to be implemented by the organization.
Has your relationship to the issue changed over time? For example, has it become more important to you now after you researched it? Why? Less important? Again, why?
The topic has become more important in the course of research. I have discovered that organization culture is important in running any company. The culture that the organization has to consider should also be friendly to the employees to make them feel comfortable at their place of work. Employees should be set at the position that suits their abilities to enable the entire system of the organization at the vantage position of being productive (Shapiro, et al. 21).
Do you think about the issue differently than you once did after doing your Annotated Bibliography? How can your account for your change in perspective? If not, discuss how and why it has remained the same.
I discovered that the full retention of the employees, all should be recognized regardless of the position they are occupying. All employees should feel valued for the success of the company. Also, the manner in which the direct manager related to the employees determines whether employees should stay for long or leave the organization soon. There should be no friction between the employees and managers (Shapiro, et al. 25).
Do you think there was/is enough significant evidence (academic- scholarly) to support your topic? Please embellish/explain which types and how you accessed them or not.
I accessed several scholarly articles for my research. Some of the sources were available online.
What ideas do you have at this point to present such a topic that people would have either some or a great interest in your topic? How can you get people interested in your research question/passion or interest area/topic?
Employees should feel that their relationship with the manager will bring the best out of them. Stress is also another factor that drives the employees to the arms of substitute employer. Most of the employees need to get enough time that will allow them to relax. All these will make the top management of any organization earn the best out of their employees if fixed.

Work Cited
Shapiro, Debra L., et al. “How do leader departures affect subordinates’ organizational attachment? A 360-degree relational perspective.” Academy of Management Review 41.3 (2016): 479-502.

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