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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course title: Date: How can leadership skills in the Hospitality industry increase employee retention? The matters regarding leadership involve certain ethics and values that need to be integrated into the system of the organization for the well-being of the environment. The influence that the administration will have on a particular organization is to direct a given scenario and create a functioning system that will enable prosperity of the organization. The interaction that the leaders will have with the workers will define the modality and the prosperity of the organization. There are many factors that leaders will also integrate into the system of the organization to enable the motivation of workers. There are specific responsibilities that leadership plays in an organization to foster the prosperity of the company. The quality of the leadership that will be delivered in a particular system will enable the organization to create a specific module that will push for the prosperity of the company (Shapiro, et al. 5). As a matter of fact, there are several facts that leadership entails in an organization. This includes the mobilization of the resources and creating coherence in the system to marks a better influence of the whole process. The evolution of mankind has been marked by several steps of leadership in the organization. The hierarchy of the organization has been created in a particular species of the living sorts. Many factors of leadership define the process and the…

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