Dissertation Chapter#2 Literature Review

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Dissertation Chapter#2 Literature Review

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The Relationship between Retention Rates for College Freshmen and High School Preparation Programs Name Institution   Literature Review According to Venezia & Jaeger (2013), university retention was for a long time the focus of educational research (Venezia & Jaeger, 2013). The relationships that exist between the retention rates for first-year college students and high school preparation programs were also a topic of discussion for several kinds of literature (Wright, Perrone-McGovern, Boo & White, 2014). When the students completed their educations goals, it was seen as a success to both the university and the students themselves (Young‐Jones, Burt, Dixon, Hawthorne, 2013). Two of the most frequently cited statistics on the student’s success is on the ability of the university to retain the freshmen and have the first year’s returns (Tierney & Sablan, 2014). According to Urdan & Herr (2017), in case these rates were high, then the schools were to be successful. Venezia & Jaeger (2013) stated that when defining the cohort rates of graduation, there were percentages that the scholars took in considerations such as the percentage at which the students enter their class with and the rate in which the graduates get out of the college school (Venezia & Jaeger, 2013). Walsh & Kurpius (2015) also agreed with this comment. Once their courses were complete, whether they went through the associate degree or through the six-year period of the baccalaureate degree their ability…

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