Dissertation Methodological Critique >>>The Relationship Between The Faculty Members’ Perception Of The Leaders’ Leadership Style And Job Satisfaction In University Of Dubai

Dissertation Methodology Critique Name Institution Introduction This paper comprises a methodology critique on a dissertation on leadership styles and job satisfaction by Justin Ted Bateh of Walden University. In this research, the author sought to determine the correlation between leadership style and job satisfaction among faculty in Florida’s State University System. This paper includes a summary of the dissertation, a critique of the methodology section of the dissertation, and an explanation of the setting and sampling, and data collection in the proposed research. Summary of the dissertation The dissertation titled “Leadership Styles and Faculty Satisfaction in the State University...


Chapter 3 & 4 Chapter 3 & 4 3.1 Brief Introduction This work is based on the development and implementation of fingerprint-based attendance management for tertiary institutes. The system is intended to identify and monitor the check-in and check-out of both lecturers and students during class sessions. The system requires that all administrators, lecturers, and students enroll their fingerprints to allow for identification and verification of their identity. The primary idea behind developing this system was to avoid fake records of student’s attendance. 3.2 Methodology The developer adopted a top-down approach in designing the proposed system. A top-down approach involves the...

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