An Exploration of the impact of a ketogenic diet on seizure reduction with people with Learning Disabilities and Epilepsy.

USE OF KETOGENIC DIET IN SEIZURE REDUCTION Name Course Tutor University City/State Date Ketogenic Diet and Seizure Reduction in People with Disabilities and Epilepsy A ketogenic diet comprises of adequate protein, high fat, and low carbohydrate levels. In medicine, a ketogenic diet is used for the treatment of refractory epilepsy. On adopting the diet, one’s body is forced to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. In cases where there are little carbohydrates in the body, then the liver has to convert the present fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. On being created, the ketone bodies are passed into the brain where they replace glucose as the source of energy. As a result, there are...

Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle

Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle Abstract The type of food individuals eats plays a central role in their health. Over the years, advancements in nutrition science have made it possible to pinpoint essential nutrients and dictate the required amount with regards to the target population. Consuming foods that contain these necessary nutrients averts health complications arising from nutritional deficiencies. Presently, the number of people suffering from nutritional deficiencies in high-income countries, such as the United States, is low. However, the burden of chronic diseases associated with overconsumption, poor nutritional uptake, and lifestyle choices highlights the importance of...

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