Addiction and Personality Traits

Addiction Name Institution Addiction Abstract Addiction can be of many kinds while some of the most popular kinds include the addiction of substance. While many ways are used by therapists to treat addiction in patients, one of the ways suggested in literature is psychoanalysis. The method was suggested by Sigmund Freud and acts as a motivation for the patient to provide a whole new insight into the issue the patient is facing. This study will be focused to analyze the extent to which psychoanalysis can be helpful in overcoming any type of addiction. The paper will be a combination of primary and secondary data analysis where both will complement each other. Secondary data analysis will...

A study of the effects of information overflows among tourists

A study of the effects of information overflows among tourists The presence of the internet, as well as other self-service technologies in the tourism industry, has made it easier for tourists to access any sort of information that they desire. However, the internet has a lot of information that creates the problem of information synergy or overload. Too much information is a problem for tourists since they are unable to select the most desired destinations due to having too many options to choose from. The Islamic tourism that occurred in Saudi Arabia during Hajj is an example of the magnitude and the confusion that can arise for people willing to visit pilgrimages. This research aims to identify...

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