Diversity as a Business Asset

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Diversity as a Business Asset

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Author Tutor Course Date Diversity as a Business Asset Question 1 Diversity is increasingly becoming popular. According to the diversity report released by Apple in 2017, the company claims that half of its employees hired in the United States starting from July 2016 to July 2017 were from groups that were historically underrepresented, they include native Americas, the Hispanic, Black people, native Hawaiians and women (Kerr n.p.). One of the advantages of a diverse workforce is based on the aspect that it brings about various talents and a fast way of achieving common goals; this is as a result of increased problem-solving abilities. Different cultures present within a company translates into a wide variety of ideas that are necessary for completing various tasks. While handling different duties, the teams select the most appropriate and efficient method from the suggestions presented. Some concepts can also be combined to produce a more effective overall technique. A diverse workforce also helps in attaining different language skills. In the current business environment, companies have increased their efforts on expanding; there is a need to have employees that speak other languages other than English to help cater to the needs of the customers that do not; this makes them not feel left out in some areas due to language barriers. An organization such as Apple that promotes diversity attracts and retains talent. When employees get employed in companies that encourage diversity, they do not have the fear they will…

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