Draft Chapter 1 Abstract and Introduction

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Draft Chapter 1 Abstract and Introduction

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The effects of depression on the work performance of employees has been noted as a key issue in the psychological profession. The issue in this case is the fact that depression can negatively affect the person in the work situation by reducing their performance. The negative consequences of the same will be reflected in a decreased amount of monetary profits made by the owner of the business and a reduced income of the business. The study sought to see how depression could have negative impacts on the work of an individual as well as propose solutions to the issue. The method used in making this research was data collection via email and were asked to fill out a questionnaire. The answers were entered into a database. The inclusion criteria began with the diagnosis of a participant with depressive disorders with the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) to evaluate for DSM-VI major depressive states in the two months before the issuance of the questionnaire (Kessler et al., 1999). From the study it was established that work patterns have severe effects on the circadian system. Additionally, nurses who made two shifts had less depression than those who made three while day nurses had more personal based disorders due to exposure to stress. Generally, shift routines, work environment and type of job were found to have an effect on depression.

Keywords: depression, work performance, occupation, sustenance, mental health
Work related stressors are found to be quite common in the workplace. There are several factors that come into play while considering the effect of workplace stressors and their role in making an individual depressed or not so depressed. One of the major factors that was found to be at the help of the causative agents of depression would have to be the equivalent of working too much or working under too much stress. Nurses are among the major groups of people in this study that included 5000 people. The report seemed to be that nurses who took on three shifts instead of tow would have more symptoms of depression as compared to their contemporaries. There are behavioral traits that are troublesome and generally cause a person to be depressed. In addition, there are the signs and precedents that show that a person is depressed. Some of these include the lack of focus in work, uncertainty at most times, and absent-mindedness. If people with depression and depression related disorders receive the appropriate treatment and their mental welfare is catered for in the right ways and at the expense of the employer, then the worker will become just as productive as the rest of the workers who do not suffer from the same mental condition. The effects of depression on a person can have quite a significant impact on the place of work and the productivity of the person who is depressed and it is imperative that these effects be understood for effective treatment. The aim of the study in this case is to make an examination of the major factors that contribute to stress in the workplace and how these could negatively impact the productivity of the person within the workplace.

Kessler, R. C., Barber, C., Birnbaum, H. G., Frank, R. G., Greenberg, P. E., Rose, R. M., … & Wang, P. (1999). Depression in the workplace: effects on short-term disability. Health Affairs, 18(5), 163-171.

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