Draft Chapter 4: Expected Results

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Draft Chapter 4: Expected Results

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Depression and Work Performance Name Institution Affiliation Date Depression and Work Performance Occupation is a critical aspect of the individual. Occupation gives on some space for social interaction as well as providing the individual with financial sustenance. It is with this regard that occupation has become a fundamental right for people. However, the trade that one has is an obvious source of stress that could have impacts on both the mental and physical health of people. It is an area that has gathered a lot of interest, therefore, earning research into the field — the majority of the study base on people who have regular daytime shifts as well as people who work at night as this could interfere with the somatic system of a person. The turns and work schedules are mainly responsible for several issues. Some issues are physical that in turn result in the psychological whereas others are psychological and end up causing physical problems. The following essay is an analysis based on the expected results of my study, of the relationship between depression and work performance as well as a recommendation on the best way to navigate between the two. What has been established from other research which was also emphasized in my research is the fact that work patterns have significant effects on the circadian system. These effects are most common in people who have shift work sleep disorder. These are people who mostly have to change shifts but find themselves primarily in the night shift. It means that they…

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