Draft Description of Target Population

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Draft Description of Target Population

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Description of Target Population Name University Description of Target Population The two major research questions of the study entailed the following: Is there a direct correlation between the levels of depression and their subsequent work performance in employees? What is the impact of sadness on the execution of responsibilities by employees? Identifying Characteristics The Identifying characteristics of the target population are individuals within the age bracket of 22 to 65. Moreover, the sample included all genders to avoid biases and to keep it as randomly relevant as possible. It also incorporated current employees and administrators who have supervised or worked within the past two years. The sample size target was set to 500 workers who are enlisted on an online source in Chicago. This study did not incorporate different cohorts and was based on obtaining information from one significant target population. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria The primary inclusion and exclusion criteria were that the participants should be between the age brackets of 22 to 65 and should have at least a two-year work experience. Recruitment Strategy The enlistment was based on a multicore basis. Most of the respondents were from specialist organizations, web entrances, carriers, online stores, and networks. The recruitment strictly defined the ages of the participants to be between 22 to 65. No other significant criteria were used to filter the target population. Consent forms were sent to the respective individuals…

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