Drought and Carbon Management

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Drought and Carbon Management

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Drought and Carbon Management Impacts of Agriculture on Climate Change Climate change has become a global concern in the recent past. More than 96% of global environmental scientists believe that climate change is happening at an unmanageable speed. They also believe that human activities play a significant role in accelerating change. 2016 became significant for climate change watchers when carbon (IV) oxide concentration levels remained above 400 ppm for the entire year (Pidcock, 2016 n.p). This is clear energy that the levels of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere are increasing at unmanageable levels. When CO2 and other greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, they result in a blanketing effect that prevents the sun’s rays from escape the atmosphere. This results in a net rise in temperature with dire results such as continuous throwing of the polar glaciers. Such events affect the climatic equilibrium around the earth significantly and directly affect the coastal habitats which are beginning to disappear. 2017 continued to witness many challenges that can be related to climate change such as hurricanes, heat waves, and droughts. The impacts of climate change are so dire that Stephen Hawking revised his 1000 years limit for human survival to insinuate that human beings have approximately 100 years only to inhabit the earth. The various world and religious leaders have increased their calls to persuade every person to be a custodian of the planet. In 2015, a global climate change conference led to the Paris…

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