Drugs and drugs users

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Drugs and drugs users

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Drug use has been rampant in the society today more so among the youths. This has been because of the adverts that are made over the television concerning these drugs, the movies that the people watch and also due to the limited precautions that are given to the users in the society against the use of the drugs (Pillemer, Burnes, Riffin & Lachs, 2016). According to the movies and films that are acted, the actors tend to show how enjoyable it is to use drugs, and furthermore, the film display that it’s the rich that enjoy the consumption of the drugs. The youths and the younger generation become brainwashed, and therefore they assume that the best life is lived when using the drugs. In addition to that, the fact that the costs of these drugs are reduced such that the youths can easily afford them, they tend to buy and use the drugs more frequently (Rolland et al., 2015). The drug use in the society has several negative impacts, and therefore, the community should try very hard to help these individuals using them to reduce the rate of usage and if possible to avoid them at all cost. The drug use exposes the users to some chronic diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure among others (Jamison & Mao, 2015). Some drugs, however, affect the brain thereby resulting in the addition. The chemical called dopamine floods the brain of the user hence making him/her have the desire for frequent use of the drugs; therefore, they users become addict to the substance. Furthermore, the user tends to lose control after using the drugs; hence they can easily be lured to be involved in sexual acts with individuals who are infected by HIV/AIDS hence making them contact the infection. Finally, the drug use increases the crime rate in the society. The drug users rarely get time to perform substantial work that can generate income and therefore they get involved in criminal acts to get income as well as the cash to purchase the drugs.

Drugs and Drug Users

Research question
The research was built on the evaluation of drugs and drug users and to know the reasons why the drug use in the society is increasingly high. Through this, it looked into the main factors that trigger or enhances the drug use in the society more so among the youths. The research was also done to analyze the negative effects resulting from drug use and drug addiction. Therefore, the research should answer the following questions;
What are the leading causes of drug use and drug addiction in the community?
What are some of the impacts of too much use of the drugs in the society and how can these impacts be regulated among the users?
What can the society do to end the increased percentage rate of using drugs more so among the youths?
How does film depict drugs and drug users? Is this depiction accurate or inaccurate?
Through the answering of these questions, the research will tend to get the impact and effectiveness of the topic of the research study. It will be able to give insight into the ways in which the community can train the youths to be responsible, mature people as they grow into adulthood.
Research objectives
The fact that there are several cases of drug use and drug addict in every society, the best step is to look into ways in which the users can be informed to avoid the use of the drugs (Potier, Laprévote, Dubois-Arber, Cottencin & Rolland, 2014). Through the precautious information that the research is intending to inculcate, the following objects will be achieved;
The main objective of this project is to review the existing ways that were used earlier to minimize the drug use in the society. This will help criticize these existing methods effectively.
The adult will have the responsibility to inform the youths concerning the impact of drug use more so on their health. For instance, the fact that it causes brain damage, leading contacting several diseases like HIV/AIDS if the users inject themselves using a single injection when administering drugs like heroin or cocaine (Koob & Moal, 1997).
Through the precautions, the level of criminal activities will reduce because most of the drug users will focus on their day to day activities that can bring better income to them.
Through the research, the film industry will be advised to put into consideration the health of the viewers more so the youths that might want to put whatever they watch into practical use such as the use of drugs (Jamison & Mao, 2015).
The government will be advised to impose more taxes on the drugs so that they become more expensive to the youths to afford thereby making them quit using these drugs.
In conclusion, the results of my project will show in part present recommendations on how the society can move forward and help these individuals that are involved in the drug use. The research questions that are mainly aiming at ending the too much use of drugs among the people will be dealt with through working together with the government to increase the prices of the drugs. The society should also be educated concerning the harmful effects of the drugs.
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