Drugs and drugs users

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Drugs and drugs users

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Drug use has been rampant in the society today more so among the youths. This has been because of the adverts that are made over the television concerning these drugs, the movies that the people watch and also due to the limited precautions that are given to the users in the society against the use of the drugs (Pillemer, Burnes, Riffin & Lachs, 2016). According to the movies and films that are acted, the actors tend to show how enjoyable it is to use drugs, and furthermore, the film display that it’s the rich that enjoy the consumption of the drugs. The youths and the younger generation become brainwashed, and therefore they assume that the best life is lived when using the drugs. In addition to that, the fact that the costs of these drugs are reduced such that the youths can easily afford them, they tend to buy and use the drugs more frequently (Rolland et al., 2015). The drug use in the society has several negative impacts, and therefore, the community should try very hard to help these individuals using them to reduce the rate of usage and if possible to avoid them at all cost. The drug use exposes the users to some chronic diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure among others (Jamison & Mao, 2015). Some drugs, however, affect the brain thereby resulting in the addition. The chemical called dopamine floods the brain of the user hence making him/her have the desire for frequent use of the drugs; therefore, they users become addict to the substance. Furthermore, the user tends to lose control after using…

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