Edgar Allan Poes:The Philosophy of Composition

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The Philosophy of Composition Allan Poe in his philosophy of composition tries to lay a blueprint of what poets should consider in composing their works. Poe argues that every poet should consider the plot. [(2)] Poe argues that errors are committed while constructing poetic stories. To avoid the errors, writers should strive towards explaining events from page to page and composition of quality work. Explaining events requires detailed description, dialogue, authoritative comments, facts, and action to create the base of their narrative. [(3)] Poets uphold cohesion of their poetic units. Originality plays an important role in applying creativity in poems. Impressions on the susceptibility of the heart, intellect, and the soul offer imaginative and creative images [(4)]. Exemplary and critical amalgamation of creative imprints demonstrates exquisitely poetic tones existent within the occurrences of the poem. Stylistic devices have helped poets tell their stories through the poem in a vivid manner. Poe argues that no writer has achieved the ultimate point of completion. He points out that no writer that has succeeded in providing a procedural composition, embodying a systemic approach of composition. Poe indicated that writers’ ignorance has contributed to the omissions. Writers are unlikely to allow their audiences to have a glimpse of incidences behind the scenes, a taste of their ideas before maturity, the selections and rejections, and the painful erasing of words [(5)]. However, in cases that writer rediscover or…

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