Effects of Athletics on the Education Plans

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Effects of Athletics on the Education Plans

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The relationship between the participation in the high school athletic games and the improved academic performance has been a matter of interest to many people in the world (Hanks, 1976). I pursued both my athletics and academic excellence in the state of Texas, El Paso city. My landmark performances in high school occurred between the years of 1998-2000, I achieved top rankings in track & field, competing in the events 200, 4x100 & 4x400 relay. The motivation for success and improvement came in the form of medals earned during competitions. The encouragement on the field was always in extrinsic form, nothing intrinsic. Many schools' administrations in Texas emphasized on both, academic and extra-curriculum excellence (Stewart, 2009). Specifically, my school administration was categorical that for one to participate in any kind of sports, he or she must have achieved an average score of 70 and above. The school coach was furnished with the students' results with clear instructions not to allow the "failures" in the field. Interestingly, my parents too were critical of the academics; I was required to score an average of 80 points to participate in athletics. As much I felt that my parents and the school system were hard on me, it encouraged me to work hard and shun mediocrity (Douglas, Ivey, & Bishop, 2015). Therefore, I channeled my energies to athletics and academics with a sure belief that I would excel in both. Reid & Jarvie (n. d) postulate that sports and other extra-curriculum activities improve the…

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