Energy Audit of Saudi Mosque Final

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Energy Audit of Saudi Mosque Final

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Building and Existing System Description The level 1 energy audit requires the careful consideration of the vicinity and local environmental conditions of the region in which the mosque is situated. In this regard, the weather condition of Jeddah plays a pivotal rule in examining the energy requirement and consumption associated with the mosque. Apart from that, a general description will also be facilitated for the determination of capacity, type, brand name, operation schedule and year of manufacture of the equipment. The Al Noor mosque for the purpose of conducting energy audit is a mid-sized mosque having moderately contemporary build. Also, the Al Noor mosque has quite a similar infrastructure as compared to the traditional mosques in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thereby making the study to be used for further research in mosques having the similar infrastructure in the region. This chapter will look into the very infrastructure of the Al Noor Mosque together with the climatic condition of Jeddah. Weather Conditions and Local Environment Saudi Arabia is situated within the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle Eastern region that is on the West of the Persian Gulf and due East of the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia also has subtropical and tropical areas of desert. The wind conditions are relatively dry and most of the land of the region is arid. Mainly because of the absence of clouds and prevalent dryness, a major difference in observed between the regions and seasons surrounding the country. Apart from that, extreme weather…

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