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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Feminism In “Scratching the surface: some notes on barriers to women and loving,” Audre Lorde points out that strong Black women face opposition from both Black men and fellow women. Black men usually want them to toe their line and will at the first instance label those women that hold a different opinion on the place of women in the society all kind of names (Lorde32). They may be called lesbians and sluts among other names. This is in line with the traditional beliefs that a woman’s place should be to satisfy a woman and cook in the kitchen. The expectations on the role a woman is supposed to take are well highlighted by Judy Brady in “I want a wife.” She says that she wants a wife who will “cook and clean the house, take care of her physical needs, keep track of her appointments, and take care of her children” (Brady 2). This expectation is too much that women also turn against fellow women who appear to be shunning the ideology and belief that they are capable of being strong, independent, and opinionated women. The opposition stems from the belief that women belong to men and must strive to win his affection and support among other things. Women will, therefore, fight for the few men available and in the process increase their hatred against each other. Anyone who seems to distance themselves against this point of view may be seen as a threat to the satisfaction and wellbeing of fellow Black women. Women are supposed to be second-class beings after…

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