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Title: Thesis – Key findings Name: Institution: Introduction This research seeks to establish whether there exist sufficient legal measures and systems protecting e-business. At the same time, the research endeavors to find out whether, when these legal measures do exist, they provide a level playing ground for all business, whether conventional or e-commerce, in a manner which could materially contribute to social and economic development. To guide the research, the research question is: What legal measures and systems exist to protect e-business, and are they sufficient to achieve economic and social objectives of business? Methodology In addressing these objectives, the paper aims to then use applicable theoretical frameworks to guide decision-makers on what is lacking and needs improvement in order to create the ideal circumstances. This is to be done while taking into consideration different aspects such as fairness in trade, cybersecurity and the rule of law. This paper is an exploratory study of the various legal measures and systems which exist in the world and their reported efficiency. To understand this, the paper synthesizes evidence from authoritative research and papers written on the subject, with relation to the legal measures currently in place, or being formulated to ensure fairness and viability of e-commerce. Findings Towards this objective, the research finds that the advent of the internet and the accompanying flourishing of e-commerce have presented new challenges for business. As the…

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