Gaining rapport in art therapy with the use of a therapy dog

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Gaining rapport in art therapy with the use of a therapy dog

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GAINING RAPPORT IN ART THERAPY WITH THE USE OF A THERAPY DOG Abstract Art therapy is a new field emerging in the mental health profession that seems to be increasingly becoming popular in the United States and across the world. The professionals in art therapy handle patients within the therapeutic space of hospitals, schools, rehabilitation, nursing homes, and other medical settings. Earlier research has associated art therapy with many health benefits to the clients including the elderly, adolescents, children, and pediatric patients. Patients use imagery and artistic expression in defining in and out experiences. The application of the creative, expressive model has been found suitable in art therapy to allow patients to express self-confidence, self-esteem, and their hidden potentiality. However, client-friendly approaches are essential for getting the therapeutic space more favorable for the client and the therapist. This considers enhancing the safety and the trust of the clients for the art therapist to fully capture their emotional, physical, and psychological response for proper recommendation. The thesis considers all factors necessary and examines the use of the therapy dog in gaining rapport in art therapy. Initial research has found the therapy dogs cause a feeling of safety and trust among the patients in animal-assisted therapies. The benefits range from physical, emotional, and psychological. The thesis examines the various literature on art therapy in school areas and among adolescents. Art therapy,…

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