Gender Sexuality and Family

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Gender Sexuality and Family

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Gender, Sexuality and Family Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Gender, Sexuality and Family Introduction The society often defines a person’s identity, roles and privileges depending on their sexuality. The conventional genders are male and female. However, there are other minority sexes have led to the existence of diverse gender ideologies. For instance in South Asia, the various gender ideologies comprise of male, female and transgender. A person’s roles and identity are drawn from these ideologies. Women, men and transgender are viewed differently by society. The different gender ideologies in South Asia has mostly resulted in inequality. Women and the minority genders are highly discriminated. For instance, the role of women is mostly seen as taking care of the home and children. Housewives, therefore, receive a higher pension than women who are unemployed and work away from home. Although there are certain mainstream gender ideologies in South Asia, the definition of gender is often unique to a particular situation or context. The Joint Family The joint family is one where relatives of different ages who come from different generations live together. The joint family is valued in South Asia and other parts of the world because it promotes unity. Members of a family live together, and they have more time to bond with each other. Children in these families play together, go to school together and they grow up together which promotes oneness in the family. The joint family system is also valued…

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