Gifted Education

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Gifted Education

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Abstract The continued manifestation of complex world problems requires counteractive solutions, achievable through innovative thinking by gifted individuals. However, their identification is hindered by the continued utilization of traditional methods of giftedness identification in Australia, which often fail in effectively recognizing individual capabilities, particularly among diverse students. The introduction section consists of a preliminary preview of the research and its focus. It provides justification for the identification of gifted individuals and the need to ensure that this process is enhanced through the utilisation of modern approaches to giftedness, focusing on broader conceptions of intelligence. The background section provides information relevant to the topic, including the need to adopt better approaches for giftedness identification, to effectively resolve the world’s problems. This is followed by statement of the problem, explicitly describing the motivation behind the research, including the application of the DSPST which is the data collection tool for this inquiry. The study’s justification explains the relevance of the research, while the questions provide the queries to be answered by the end of the research. The section also includes the research scopes and limitations. Introduction The complexity of contemporary global situations calls for inquisitive minds, motivated by a compassionate drive to change the status quo, through innovative thinking and approaches envisioned as the…

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