Gifted Identification tool

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Gifted Identification tool

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Discussion Author’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract The objective of this study was to determine how DSPST tool distinguishes the gifted from the non-gifted year four and year five cohorts. Ten attributes associated with giftedness were tested, and statistically significant differences were noticed between gifted and non-gifted respondents. The study also assessed whether the DSPST tool is effective in identifying giftedness regardless of the cultural or linguistic background of the students. The findings showed that the DSPST tool was capable of identifying linguistically and culturally diverse gifted participants. Though according to the statistical analysis there was no significant difference, Non-diverse English language group continually outperformed the other cultural and linguistically diverse groups on the different characteristics for both the GBR and HL versions. A dynamic assessment was also conducted aimed at helping the native language speakers to increase their scores more than the language group that spoke in English. There were no statistically significant differences observed but the scores increased for all the groups under study, and the increase was significant. From the observations of this research, the DSPST tool can be said to have proved effective in identifying gifted students commonly underrepresented in gifted programs regardless of their linguistic or cultural backgrounds. This chapter provides a discussion of the results obtained from the analysis of data. The chapter is…

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