Gifted students need to be challenged and identified

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Gifted students need to be challenged and identified

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Gifted Students Need to be Challenged and Identified Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Gifted Students need to be Challenged and Identified Challenging Students in the Classroom It is widely acknowledged that all students need to be challenged on a routine basis to encourage them to learn something new each day, irrespective of their academic level. According to Schwartz et al. (2013) and Cooper (2013), teachers must go beyond the ‘correct’ answers and probe all students’ thinking and understanding in the classroom. Cao, Jung and Lee (2017), and Sternberg and Davidson (2005) expressed similar views, but they went further to assert that the practice is founded on the fundamental assumption that learners can become more profoundly engaged when higher micro-demands are placed on them, in every lesson, and by espousing a different attitude of expecting more from the students. Brophy (2011) observes that the easiest way of ensuring that students anticipate success is to ensure that they attain it consistently, which requires the teacher to set tasks that are challenging but attainable and then supporting their learning efforts through feedback and guidance. However, too often, gifted students find themselves in classes run by teachers who have no training in gifted education. This causes teachers to only focus on delivering to their average ability students (Olthouse, 2014), thus leaving the gifted unchallenged. Davidson and Davidson (2004) and Colangelo, Assouline, and Gross (2004) asserts that the…

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