Highway Decision Making Re

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Highway Decision Making Re

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Highway Overtaking Decision-Making by (name) Course Tutor University City, State where it is located The Date Abstract The highway decision-making process requires someone who is calculative and creative in various circumstances. The logic of the model works on the principles of neural networks and the artificial intelligence. The neural network uses complicated electronic networks to monitor and control the steps of the game. The neural network works to resemble the actual process of overtaking needs fast decision maker to over speed and overtake the vehicle ahead. The decision relies on several factors such as the condition of the highway, the speed of the vehicle being overtaken, and the weather condition. The artificial intelligence ensures that there will be no confusion during the overtaking moment and the speed of the vehicle will not reduce. This paper includes detailed research and explanation of how the whole model will work. A comparison and pairing of models will be discussed for an understanding of how it will work. There will be demonstrations to test how it will work, though the public will not be allowed to access. The primary cluster model will use one coefficient for several obstacles in the game. Introduction Researchers are consistently drawing their attention towards self-driving cars owing to the possible effect of making a breakthrough on the subject. Often, human drivers can almost accurately simulate future behaviors of surrounding pedestrians and vehicles, which is vital when…

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