Solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine

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Solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine

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Arbitrating the dispute between Israeli and Palestine territories has been a significant concern for the global community as many consider it to be the best option besides meditation. Trying to solve the dispute between Israel and Palestine have taken more than two decades. Various people have shown intentions of having a constitutive strategy that would work between these two countries. The continuous ineffectiveness of the negotiations taking place between Israeli and Palestinians have shown that either of these countries cannot trust meditation. The Obama administration tried to bring peace to these countries. However, after more than two decades of talks involving American diplomats, it looks like the main functions of mediation or any other conflict resolution methods other than attribution have a result, many people are suggesting that it is better to try the strategy as it had worked in several other countries that had the same disputes. Arbitration can be used to solve many problems. One reason for the success of attribution is the inclusion of a cause that has to be respected by both countries. There is a contract that can legally be used to force a resolution to help in the dispute. Solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine The history of Israel Palestine conflict started with the establishment of Israel in the year 1948. Israel became a state after members of the Israeli group decided to relocate to the country where people who had been evicted by Adolf Hitler from Germany would settle…

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