Implementation and Models Validation

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Implementation and Models Validation

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WORKFORCE SCHEDULING MODEL IMPLEMENTATION AND MODEL VALIDITY By Name Class (Course) Instructor (Tutor) Institution The City and State The Date Workforce Scheduling Model The chapter four of this project notes that based on the case study of ROMCO power plant and generated daily labor demand, the optimum number of maintenance staff will be determined by developing two mathematical programming models. The first model seeks to reduce the size of the workforce under stringent work conditions while the other recommends an entirely different approach or model to be utilized under various conditions and scenarios. The first model will be used for five work days while the second will be utilized to change the work shift to seven days while maintaining the productivity and performance of the workforce. In this regards, two mathematical models have been programmed and designed to assist achieve this scheduling. This section of the research seeks to fulfill varied objectives. The first objective is to specify optimum workforce schedules to limit the increasing demand for overtime during the five working days of the week and the two days of the weekend, and the second is to reduce the cost of labors' overtime by utilizing the available work time within minimum requirements. 5.1 IMPLEMENTATION (14, 21) Days-Off Approach The implementation of this days-off scheduling model is to optimize the working days, overcome the workforce constraints and avoid the need for overtime. This analysis discusses the implementation of the…

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