Influence of Cannaboidson Epilepsy (adults) and other Neurological Problems

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Influence of Cannaboidson Epilepsy (adults) and other Neurological Problems

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Influence of Cannaboids on Epilepsy in Adults Name: Level: Masters and Discipline: Science Course: Readings and Research in Biosciences Date: January 2017 Acknowledgment The writing and completion of this thesis would not have been completed with much success without the help of amazing and supportive colleagues, tutors, and my family. First, I am much thankful to the almighty God for sustaining me and giving me the strength through this research. Secondly, I appreciate the support I have received from my family, their unconditional love, care, and concern gave me the courage to believe in myself. I am also thankful and much indebted to my friends, who through their SMS, emails, and calls, kept me motivated when I felt like giving up. Indeed, to all my friends I owe you everything in this research, as you always gave me a reason to keep on moving. Lastly, I thank my awesome supervisor for pushing me hard, it only made me realize that I could do more than I ever imagined. Indeed, my professor was my best friend during this research as he kept on advising me on the areas that needed improvement. Abstract This study aims at providing information on the perspective of using cannabis to treat epilepsy. All the necessary health issues surrounding this condition illustrated. Additionally, scientific evidence and clinical trials will be analyzed. Also, the mechanism proposal behind seizures and their anatomy…

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