Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees’ Performance

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Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees’ Performance

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Questioners consisting of the following questions were formulated and issued to the sample employees, n=20, who volunteered for 3 different organizations (Organization X, Y, Z). Organization X and Y had an active fitness facility as part of their employee welfare program. On the other hand, organization Z had no active fitness facility. The goal for choosing the mentioned organizations was to compare employee performance in Organization X and Y which had a fitness program and employee performance in organization Z which had not active fitness program in their catalog. Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees' Performance As was stated in the method, our research goal was to be achieved via a combination of research methods including conducting short-term observations and issuing questioners with a goal of finding out employees’ opinion and/or attitude towards the presence or absence of had a fitness program in their respective organizations. As well, to provide insight on the 'degree' of agreeableness, a new element, the Likert Scale, was incorporated into the research design to accompany our questioners. Rather than asking for a “yes” or “no” response that can sometimes prove difficult to obtain, we brought in statements where the respondents were requested to give their full opinion by providing quantitative values concerning the level of agreement or disagreement. Listed below are the key questions of interest formulated. It was important to make the question as short as possible to make sure…

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