Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees’ Performance

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Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees’ Performance

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Introduction Many employers implement welfare programs in the workplace to inspire workers to adopt good lifestyle habits and motivate them. These types of programs may include providing fitness facilities to encourage healthy behaviors such as exercising or losing weight. The impact of wellness programs varies and by an equal measure can prove difficult to measure (Periasamy, 2016, p 173). Be that as it may, a well-designed methodology for approaching research on the issues can deliver the much need insight on the Influence of Corporate Fitness Facility on Employees' Performance. As such this paper is going to put forward a methodology that can be utilized to approach this kind of research. Currently, the success of a company is not only determined by its benefits and incomes, but also by its ability to attract, motivate and retain talent. Therefore, programs designed to improve the welfare of employees are becoming very popular. Employee benefits or welfare can take many forms. Like in our case at hand offering corporate fitness facilities is a form of employee welfare. Organizations understand that the comfort, health, and happiness of the employees affect their commitment, their performance and the results of the company they work for. Consequently, companies invest a good part of their resources in making sure that their employees enjoy the work they do, in promoting teamwork and good working relationships, encouraging healthy habits and commitment to the communities that impact through your business (Periasamy, 2016,…

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