Is the novelty of cinematic romance lost in the 21st century?

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Is the novelty of cinematic romance lost in the 21st century?

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Chapter 3 Impact on stage (from stage to cinema)-viewing romance The stage for romance performance has evolved to the cinema and now to personalize home viewing on powerful streaming platforms like Netflix. The subject of Romance in films has changed over the years. The "Romeo and Juliet" stories were the definition of cinema in previous centuries. People wanted to see romance in movies (motion pictures at that time). However, there has been a difference in ways of portraying films. Directors have opted to change the main themes in their movies swiftly, and one of these changes is on the reduction of romance in cinema. There has been a unique way of presenting the films. Looking at these films the theme was of a fairy tale love where the couples would end up living "happy after that" (Eco 1985, p. 4). Animations, for example, Disney were used to changing the gens to bring out the theme of love. The theme was significant in making these films attract a huge audience, and this is attributed to the fact that in society in general, love was highly respected, valued and popular with many people associating it with them. Its "the perfect love" presentation in films was, however, becoming tiresome to the viewers because all angles of the love had been already covered. Worth noting was the fact that the "perfect love" case was becoming more difficult for the directors because it limited their creativity and therefore opted to take a risky change of focusing on another presentation of romance. The tragic romance was the other theme…

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