Islamic Worship and Ritual

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Islamic Worship and Ritual

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Islamic ritual and worship represent the bringing together of all cultures that are directed by similar practices as well as beliefs. The religion is guided by specific cultural aspects as well as processes that unite its followers. In this text, we see how Islamic worship and ritual tend to be exceptional from those of other religions. In this regard, the text analysis two important aspects that include the founding moments, as well as the writing of the holy book used in worship, are discussed demonstrating the unique nature of the religion in question. Despite the fact that one might be a bit uncomfortable when the exceptional statement of Muslim is made particularly now when the issue of anti-Muslim is on the rise, it is significant to realize that the difference exists. However, the exceptional nature is neither bad nor good, and people need to respect and understand it even when it goes against our preferences and hopes.

Islamic Worship and Ritual

Unlike other religions, Muslims greatly devote their energy to enhance the consciousness of God to believers. In many cases, this is done by instilling discipline on their attitude towards others before diverting their focus to the observation of commonly identified rituals as directed by “Islamic Pillars” across the world (Asad, 2009). To demonstrate the difference between Islamic ritual and worship to other regions, two major aspects are worth emphasizing: to start with, the “founding time” of Islam appears large. In this case, Mohammed the prophet unlike Jesus among Christians was a theologian, a warrior, a preacher and a politician all at the same time in a lifetime. Moreover, he was also a builder as well as the builder of states holding and capturing new territories. Distinct from other religions Islamic is not an accident as it was designed to be intertwined in the rule of a single man.
Secondly, the word of God which is contained in the Quran for Muslims unlike in other religions is viewed as God’s literal and direct speech to his people. This implies that it is intricate for anyone to overemphasize the centrality of its divine authorship. However, this is not to say that Muslims are literalist but it brings in the light that the text can never be dismissed or rather considered as being irrelevant. Therefore, Islamic customs indicate that the religion cannot be integrated into secularism and most countries in the world have a good or rather bitter responsibility of accepting the varied but vital role it plays in policy formulation and in politics.
To wrap it all, it is significant to realize that Islamic in practice and theory should be considered exceptional in regard to how it relates to its followers as well as with politics. Due to its outstanding role in governance and law, the religion will remain to be exceptional.
Asad, T. (2009). Genealogies of religion: Discipline and reasons of power in Christianity and Islam. JHU Press.

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