Kerala Contaminated water issue

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Kerala Contaminated water issue

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Abstract Kerala contaminated water is an issue that the community has faced for a long time. The government through support organizations such as the NGOs has placed necessary steps to address the water issue. Contamination is one of the challenges that contribute to the destruction of the natural environment. Past studies that were conducted were mainly aiming to explore some of the field responses from the society on the impacts of water contamination. The current research assesses several NGOs which were present in the field to address the water contamination issue within Kerala. Some NGOs concerned with the water contamination issue were consulted and interviewed using basic methods. An interview was performed through the phone and Skype; the organizations managed were asked open-ended questions to address the current issues on water contamination. After performing an interview, a result analysis was conducted through the use of content analysis of the respondent communications. The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which were responsible for addressing the water contamination issue in Kerala were collected, and background information was conducted. Keywords: water, contamination, content analysis, communication, NGOs, Skype, research, interview Introduction From the past research which was performed in Kerala, it was found that 73% of all the sources of water are contaminated. Around 26.9% of all the water sources that were surveyed including ponds, lakes, and wells were found to be entirely polluted (Bain, Cronk,…

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