Learned Helplessness: Methods and results

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Learned Helplessness: Methods and results

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Participants To examine the effect of parental attitude on the level of learned helplessness, data was collected from one hundred and forty-seven participants (147) through the use of questionnaires. In the case study, the participants included individuals, specifically college students and parents of the students (Ackerman, 2018). Some Indian youths employed at different companies also participated to examine the relationship between dedication to work and productivity in the office. Out of the total sample population (N=120), there were 51% males and 49% females. The participants were of an average age of eighteen to a maximum age of forty-seven years with a mean average of 20 (M=20) and standard deviation of 2.40 (SD=2.40) Learned Helplessness: Methods and results Materials and procedure The sample population was subjected to a series of different situations beyond its control or a condition that is independent of the ordinary behavior. The independent variable in the case study was learned helplessness. The dependent variable in the study was time for every one of the 147 students to correctly arrange the words provided in the anagram (Ackerman, 2018). To investigate the correlation between goal orientation and learned helplessness, a group of the 147 students was considered for the study. For the group, the independent variable was still the words learned helplessness for different categories of the students. Another variable that was deemed to be independent was the age factor. The dependent variable used was the…

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