Left Behind Children

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Left Behind Children

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A Comparison of Academic Self-Efficacy between Rural Left-Behind Children and Non-Left-Behind Children in China Name of Student Name of Institution Introduction Background of the Study Unfortunately, urbanization has forced most parents to leave their children behind in the rural areas as they seek for job opportunities in the cities. These children are often left under the care of their relatives [or friends] while the parents attempt to make ends meet (Fengbo et al., 2016). It is impossible for them to relocate with their children, as this move will reduce their efficiency and effectiveness apropos of their agenda. Apparently, the reason(s) behind this practice in China is for economization as children are bound to double or even triple the expenses in the city. It is sensible to understand that a parent living alone in the city is capable of thriving due to the lack of extra and avoidable expenses. When parents leave their children behind, they are bound to have psychological effects that may affect their academics (Jingzhong, 2011; Ren & Treiman, 2016; Su et al., 2012). The inclusion of the idea(s) of "academic efficacy" assists the LBC in improving their academic growth, progress and development. A comparison of the Non-LBC and LBC is, however, one of the important explorations in this study. Definition of terms Left-Behind Children (LBC): Children whose parents leave them behind [with relatives or friends] in rural China while the latter relocates to the city for employment and survival. Non-left…

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