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Literature Review Draft

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"What Does Literature in Psychology Explain about how Effective Treating Depression and Dysthymia through Cognitive Behavior Therapy is? Name Tutor Course Date Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc528054838 h 3Area Of Research PAGEREF _Toc528054839 h 3Significance Of Topic PAGEREF _Toc528054840 h 4Sources Applicable To The History Of Topic PAGEREF _Toc528054841 h 5Sources Applicable To the Theoretical Background PAGEREF _Toc528054842 h 6Sources Applicable To Best Practices PAGEREF _Toc528054843 h 7Sources That Add Significance and Relevance to Knowledge PAGEREF _Toc528054844 h 8Guidelines Of The Profession Applicable To Ethical Conduct In Research Practice PAGEREF _Toc528054845 h 8Practices And Research Guidelines PAGEREF _Toc528054846 h 9References PAGEREF _Toc528054847 h 10 IntroductionArea of ResearchThe topic for the dissertation states, ‘what does literature in psychology state about the effectiveness of treating depression and dysthymia through Cognitive Behavior Therapy’? The topic as stated attempts to review existing literature on how effective is Cognitive Behavior Therapy in treating depressions and Dysthymia. It shows that there have been different applications of Cognitive Behavior Therapy used in the attempts to treat depression and dysthymia. From the statement of the topic, it is possible to note that it aims to look into the existing research report that has been developed before, and attainment to exemplify how they have been useful in treating the given conditions.…

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