love and secrets

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love and secrets

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Name Instructor Course Date Love and Secrets People often mistake love for what exactly it is thinking that it's just a feeling. However, love is more than a feeling and can be best described as a decision (Watson). Apart from that feeling of attraction towards someone else there is need to make a decision to love someone. There are different types of love apart from romantic love; there is family love, love for friends and love for one's country. For love to last, there must be a commitment from both sides and other traits like care, respect, honesty, and loyalty. We cannot talk about secrets without bringing in the term honesty and openness into the picture. Keeping is a secret is withholding the truth from people who matter to us; those who are concerned with the information. The love between people often develops into a relationship of which if involved individuals are committed it can last for long. A secret is one of the concepts that lead to broken relationships, marriages, and families. For love to last, there should be honesty and openness from both parties. No matter how difficult it is to tell your partner or friend that something that has ever happened to you or an issue that you're having, you should never keep it to yourself. There are other better ways of communicating if one finds it difficult to do it through face to face conversations. You can leave a written note for them; send them an email or a phone text message. However, I believe there are other things that need to be kept secret for love…

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