Money Back Guarantees

Cases, when refund can be guaranteed:

Here are a few specific cases:

A refund cannot be guaranteed in the following cases:

How long does it take to receive a refund?

If there is a case when you need to request a refund, you need to contact our Support Team so that it would be appropriately discussed and forwarded to the Billing Department as per our standard procedure. Our Billing Managers analyze each case individually and offer you the best possible options to choose from. It usually takes up to three business days for a Manager to investigate the matter and contact you back. However, in certain cases, it may take more time depending on the situation.

Please be informed that in case we do not receive any reply from the customer in regards to the manager`s offer within 5 business days, the refund request will be terminated and the money paid fully/partially will be stored on the client`s personal account on our website as a Store Credit Balance.