Motivating teachers and students

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Motivating teachers and students

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Motivation to Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) — an Analysis of the Saudi Arabian Context Name Institutional Affiliation (Word Count: 13783 Words) AcknowledgementEveryone understands the levels of commitment that it takes to complete a project of this magnitude. In most cases, one cannot manage on their own. With this consideration, I would like to thank several groups and individuals for their valuable help they offered me during the study period. First, my sincere gratitude goes to my family for the emotional, social, and economic support I received from them during the study period. At times, I almost gave up, but they rekindled my motivation through advice and prayers. Second, I want to thank my academic team, my instructors, supervisors, and course mates for the time, advice, and support I received from them both during the training and the completion of this dissertation. DedicationI would like to dedicate this dissertation to [please insert the name and person to whom you would like to dedicate the paper] DeclarationExcept where cited, I declare that the information in this paper is original, and it is a reflection of the concerted effort undertaken during the collection of information, analysis of data, and compilation of the results. The paper is only submitted to the University of Portsmouth for academic accreditation and may not be used anywhere else for any other reason. [Name] [Signature] [Date] Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Acknowledgement PAGEREF…

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