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Comparing typical versus atypical psychotic drugs effect on schizophrenia
Treatment of schizophrenia from the nurse’s perspective
Factors that determine the choice of treatment in schizophrenic patients
The role of medical history’s in the treatment of schizophrenia
Treatment approaches for the first episode of schizophrenia from a nurse’s perspective
Effective therapeutic protocol for patients with schizophrenia from a nurse’s perspective
Factors to consider before making a prescription for the first episode of schizophrenia
Nurses’ views about the choice of drugs to use for the first episode of schizophrenia
The effect of interpersonal interaction between patients and nurses on the treatment pathway of schizophrenic patients
Effective antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia: Case study
Nurses’ perceptions about drugs used in the treatment of schizophrenia
Nurses’ views on the holistic approach to treating the first episode of schizophrenia
Olanzipine as an ideal choice of drug to treat schizophrenia: Case study
The use of patient characteristics data on the treatment protocol for schizophrenia
Comparative diagnosing effects on the treatment plan for schizophrenia
The integration of physical health into the treatment procedure for schizophrenic patients from the nurses’ perspective
Collaboration amongst health care providers during prescription of drugs in schizophrenic patients: Case study
Management of schizophrenia: Case study
First line versus second line drugs in the treatment of schizophrenia: Case study
Drugs and associated side effects as determinant factors in prescribing treatment for schizophrenic patients: A multidisciplinary approach
Use of treatment guidelines to treat schizophrenia
Level of patient and family involvement in the prescription of drugs or schizophrenic patients: Case study

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